Step One

Do you think America needs a viable, vibrant news industry? Then you are welcome to join us on this journey.

I can’t see where it will end.

Nor, I suspect, can anyone in the news industry.

Some are just trying to keep the daily they work for aloft. Others have a chain of papers to save. New participants are creating purely digital products. Other players are just aggregating what’s already been produced and digitized, redistributing it for their own gain.

They are all fighting hard to survive. It’s a mess out there.

This blog doesn’t have to earn money. We don’t have to race ahead. We’ll just attempt to move forward, step by step.

The first step? Creating a list of benefits provided by the traditional newspaper model. Let’s make sure we mark them so that they are retained in any model to come.

Each day or two I’ll send out a post about a benefit. We’ll build a corresponding list, whittled down to the essential, on the BENEFITS page.

It’s day one of step one. Here’s the first benefit:

The newspaper is delivered to one’s home each day. Despite storms or power outages or disasters large or small, the newspaper arrives. Not every moment, or every hour. Just once, but reliably once, on one’s doorstep, each day.


Author: TAM

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3 thoughts on “Step One”

  1. I sometimes think that no one makes coffee at home in the morning, and that they can’t stay home long enough for delivery because they have to go get their caffeine.


  2. A rattling, folding, ink-staining actual paper in hand is wonderful especially in the a.m. It’s a boon to us retirees who remember the real world of newspapers.


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