The benefit of privacy

Your proclivities are not tracked by the print-only daily.


A traditional print-only newspaper and its advertisers don’t know which articles or ads a subscriber reads, or where or when that occurs. The reader’s privacy is maintained.

A print-only newspaper does collect subscriber names and addresses.

In addition, the paper presumes that, because they have chosen to spend their money on a subscription, subscribers have some wherewithal, are literate and are interested in the community (or, at least, in some regularly occurring element of the newspaper).

What about online delivery?
Click here for a fascinating update
on The Conversation.

Those characteristics are valuable enough to interest most local advertisers.

However, since a print-only daily and its advertisers don’t engage with subscribers as they are reading (because the paper has been manually delivered, not sent over the internet), what subscribers read and when and where they read it remains their secret.

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