The benefit of targeted ad buys

Newspapers have always helped advertisers connect with readers.


Businesses can buy ad space in a traditional daily near the news that is most likely to attract their potential customers (a content buy) and/or can send their ad where their customers are most likely to live (a zoned buy).

A sample of Boston Globe ad buys.
A small sample of ad buys offered by the The Boston Globe on 3/12/2016.

Content-buy options include newspaper sections that run on a regular schedule (such as world/nation, city, sports, entertainment) and special sections that run less frequently (back to school, weddings, summer vacation, etc.).

Zoned buys are offered by dailies that partition their circulation area into zones and change the content for each zone or send special sections only to certain zones.

A golf course can place its ad in the sports section. A restaurant might opt for the entertainment section. A politician running for local office would put her ad in the zone that is delivered to her district. A politician vying for national office might opt for the world/nation section — or sports — depending on the voters he’s trying to draw.

The various combinations of buys give advertisers opportunities for brand-building campaigns as well as campaigns designed to build excitement about a scheduled sales event.

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