Every day in America, we make decisions. If they aren’t informed by fact and well-reasoned opinion, we’ll make mistakes.

That’s why we need news. Thoroughly reported, crisply written, attractively delivered news. Not just news about our interests, but a mix of stories to bring us up to date on happenings near and far.

The purpose of this blog is to help existing newspapers survive and, if they can’t, to help their successors perform as well as the humble daily has for so many years.

Do you think America needs a viable, vibrant news industry? Then join our quest.

So far, we’ve compiled a list of the BENEFITS produced by the traditional print newspaper model. New business models ought to aim beyond mere survival. Now we have a list by which to measure their performance.

Navigation tips:

If you aren’t familiar with the traditional newspaper business model, click on THE PRIMER  and BENEFITS pages (look for the menu) to learn more.

All blog posts appear on the BLOG page, the most recent post appearing at the top of the queue. Go there to read them all, or PICK A TOPIC in the right margin to select all posts that touch on that category. The most recent post will appear on top.

Your attention is welcome. Let’s build a better news model!


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